Don’t advertise a mood. Invoke it. By giving someone advance warning of an emotion, you inoculate them from it.

Jay Heinrichs, paraphrased from his book ‘Thank you for arguing’

It’s hard to beat your competition when you’re copying them.

Neil Patel, digital marketing author & entrepreneur

Speech is a powerful lord … it can stop fear and banish grief and create joy and nurture pity

Gorgias, Ancient Greek philosopher

There is only one space that matters [in communications]. The space between the customer’s ears

Sir John Hegarty, advertising legend

How something is said often matters more than what is said

“Remember: we respond to communication as a whole, not just as a message … think about the ‘body language’, not just the language. How something is said, or who says it, often matters more than what is said.”

Les Binet & Sarah Carter, advertising experts

What you say matters less than how you say it

“Campaigns containing little or no product, but working instead by appealing to emotions or ‘herd instincts’, are twice as effective as conventional ‘message’ advertising. It seems in marketing, like politics, meta-communication is what matters … what you say matters less than how you say it.”

Sarah Carter & Les Binet, ‘How not to plan’

Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it

Albus Dumbledore

Too many details = terrible communication

“When you give too many details and words and ideas and choices, all those ideas compete with each other – so the receiver has a lot of details, but doesn’t know which one to focus on.”

Joel Schwartzberg, professional presentation coach, via HBR

I’m not in the business of selling houses. I’m in the business of delivering dreams, shaped as houses.

Phil Dumphy, Modern Family

Unusual things are memorable

“There’s something about ideas that are genuinely new and challenging that makes them hard to assess. By definition, the genuinely ‘new’ has no clear frame of reference – and often makes us uncomfortable. But it is precisely these edgy and unusual thoughts that make those ideas memorable.”

Michael Johnson, co-founder Johnson Banks brand consultancy