…thanks for taking the time to check out my humbly-appointed blog.


If you’re interested in marketing communications, branding, copywriting or advertising, I hope you might find some stuff here that is up your street…

This site is a collection of bite-sized thoughts, tips and examples that celebrate the art and science of earning customer attention and winning customer preference. Some of it may be new to you – some of it won’t be – I just wanted to put lots of helpful and inspirational stuff all in one place for you and me.


To introduce myself, my name is Brian Macreadie (or @BMMarketer – if you’ve hooked up with me on Twitter). I’m a career marketer with 25 years of success (and the occasional battle scar) working in B2B marketing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been the Marketing Director for Media and Sport at Getty Images, and have held Marketing Communication roles at a number of large telecoms companies, such as AT&T. I’m currently the senior marketer at an international law firm – with offices in three continents – that I enjoy very much. I’m a regular public speaker at marketing events, have been a judge at the B2B Marketing Awards seven times, and have been proud to tot up some industry recognition along the way, including:

  • Grand Prix – B2B Marketing Campaign of the Year 2022 at the B2B Marketing Awards;
  • Best Use of Creative 2022 at the B2B Marketing Awards;
  • Grand Prix – B2B Marketing Campaign of the Year 2018 at the B2B Marketing Awards;
  • Most Creative Individual in B2B Marketing 2017 at the B2B Marketing People Awards;
  • Outstanding Team of the Year 2015 at Marketing Magazine’s New Thinking Awards;
  • Content Marketing Campaign of the Year 2017 at the B2B Marketing Awards;
  • Most Innovative Event of the Year 2016 at the UK Event Awards;
  • a commendation by the FT in 2015 for corporate strategy; and
  • Design Strategy of the Year 2015 at the Drum Marketing Awards).

There’s more here if you’re interested. I share all that not (just) out of shameless narcissism, but to give you a sense of where I’m coming from and to hopefully establish a little bit of trust.

Important parish news…

  • B2B bias? Many of my blog posts (particularly those claiming to offer tips) are targeted towards B2B marketing communication professionals, since that’s where my experience lies. BUT, B2C has been the pioneer of brand theory and effective marketing communications, and it would be daft for us B2B folks not to learn from our marketing cousins – we’re all targeting people after all. That’s why you’ll also see lots of B2C examples here.
  • Advertising. I’ve dedicated a whole section of this website to advertising, using rough concepts I’ve drawn up along the way. Why? Just because I love it as a creative outlet.
  • Copyright. I plan to share lots of examples of other people’s great marketing communications on here. I’m writing this blog in the interests of education and to celebrate best practise – not for commercial gain. That said, if I share or reproduce anything on here that pisses off the copyright holder, please just let me know and I’ll take it down.


That’s it. I hope you find something of interest 🙂