Boring is invisible

Seth Godin

Frequency x Impact = Awareness

Mark Mason, entrepreneur

(via Bryony Thomas)

If all things are logically equal, a person will go with the company or product that feels right

Bryony Thomas, marketing author

Copy should be as short as possible to explain the brand’s message and as long as necessary to express the brand’s voice.

Lee Clow, Chairman – TBWA\Worldwide

The three Cs model of brand positioning

“The old model – the ‘three Cs’ of customer, company and competition – remains the acid test of positioning… I want a position that will be what my target customer wants, and which my company can deliver better or differently or more distinctively than my competitors. It’s not that the three Cs dispel the need for brand purpose but they do provide a stern, rigorous test of whether purpose provides the strategic muster to get the branding job done.”

Professor Mark Ritson, via Marketing Week

When a brand starts expanding into other categories, it needs a proposition that people will pay attention to.

Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer – Collins

Successful marketing must not be too rational because, as in military strategy, it depends on surprise.

Ian Leslie, brand strategist