The outperformance of design-led companies suggests that good design continues to be good business

McKinsey & Co, 2018

If a brand fails to differentiate, customers have no basis for choosing it over others.

David Aaker, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley

Shit delivered at the speed of light is still shit

David Abbott, advertising legend

Getting a product known isn’t the answer. Getting it wanted is the answer.

Bill Bernbach, advertising legend

We don’t have to win. We just have to make you lose.

Maurice Saatchi, co-founder, Saatchi & Saatchi

The only way to persuade someone

Personal persuasion can’t be about what I, the persuader, want. The only way to persuade anyone of anything is to talk to people about what they want, and show them how to get it.

James C Crimmins, PhD. Chief Strategy Officer & worldwide brand-planning Director, DDB Chicago