Successful marketing must not be too rational because, as in military strategy, it depends on surprise.

Ian Leslie, brand strategist

Customers are the voters. They can make a brand or destroy it by a shift in their purchases.

Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing

You don’t need a digital strategy. You need a better strategy, enabled by digital.

George Westerman, principal research scientist – MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Ordinary is the enemy

Andy Weir, founder of agency ‘Born + Raised’

How customers perceive you is dependent upon how they perceive your rivals

“My total impression of any brand is made up of my experience of using it and whatever I have received, digested and accepted from the communications about it. Perhaps most important, my view of a brand’s personality depends on my impression of its competitors. Everything is relative…

How much our brand will appeal to people will depend on its relationships with competitors. This means that advertising [or other marketing communication] objectives must always be set in terms of: the changes desired in our brand; and comparison with other brands.”

JWT Planning Guide

Brand advertising… makes things sellable, rather than selling things directly.

Faris Yakob, Founder – Genius Steals

If your marketing communications don’t make people feel, they’re not optimal

“We know that when people feel emotionally connected to a brand they are 52% more valuable (Harvard Business Review) – they create more profit for companies. It’s no surprise – making someone feel ignites their brain and earns you a small corner of their memory, which in turn drives their behaviour.

Making people feel – it’s essentially our safest marketing strategy.”

Lilli English & Will Lion (Heads of Strategy, BBH London >)

Out of mind, out of business

Al Ries & Jack Trout, founders of positioning theory

If you don’t have a point of difference, you’d better have a low price.

Jack Trout, brand expert

Do it better or do it different

Michael Porter, the godfather of modern marketing