5 more recommended reads for fellow B2B marketers

A while ago I shared five highly recommended articles for fellow B2B marketers. I know a few people found them useful, so I thought I’d share five more. Covering topics such as persuasion and copywriting, I’m certain they will help you to improve your B2B marketing skills and outputs. Enjoy 🙂

Trump and never forgetting your audience

Of anything that has been written about the communications lessons we can all learn from Donald Trump’s Presidency, this one is perhaps my favourite. Ignoring the politics, this copywriting article by the fabulous Asbury & Asbury reminds us of an absolutely vital and ageless marketing lesson… Never forget who you’re writing for, what preconceptions they have about your brand, and what is best way to the shift those preconceptions. For historical context, this article was published when rhetoric between President Trump and several media outlets was at its peak >

Value propositions and persuading customers

It’s perhaps obvious, but B2B suppliers are here to do one thing – to solve a customer need. If you’re clear about the customer need you’re addressing, you’re half way there to framing what value you, your product or your service can bring to your customer’s world. This great little post on Medium provides a simple tool to help remember and focus on this vital point >

A B2B copywriting fundamental: say what you’re selling

I couldn’t agree more with this quick and very simple piece of advice from copywriter Tom Albrighton. It reminds us B2B marketers on the need for absolute clarity >

Differentiation and selling

OK, there’s a bit of a theme emerging in this list of recommended reads – how to help us B2B marketers to be more effective at persuading customers to consider and then purchase our services (aka ‘selling’). This wonderful article from Helen Kensett will help any B2B marketer that is seeking to hone their sales and persuasion skills >

Don’t miss this fundamental point about advertising

Debates will continue to rage long and hard about the efficacy of advertising in the modern age, particularly in a B2B context. Irrespective of your views on it, it is still helpful to understand how it works. This article from the Richard Shotton – one of the people I admire most in our industry – reminds us of one important but often forgotten aspect of advertising >


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