In an increasingly crowded marketplace, fools will compete on price. Winners will find a way to create lasting value in the customer’s mind.

Tom Peters, management guru

The 4 brand lessons I learned from 19 topless northern men

There has been a lot of rhetoric recently about how branding has changed in the modern era. For example, there is a mantra about the importance of our brand’s purpose to customers. And then there is the notion that customers ‘engage’ with our brands. A short while ago, I put those modern brand theories to the test, with the help of 19 topless northern men. They cleared things up for me quite nicely… The 4 brand lessons I learned from 19 topless northern men

Does your brand sound desperate?

We’ve lost count of the number of companies run by ‘passionate, dedicated and committed teams’. Or ‘world-class leaders in their field’. Don’t over do it. Too much description makes you sound desperate or pushy…

Find your story and tell it simply. The facts are always more interesting than the flim-flam. We’re absolutely, utterly, passionate about that.

A Thousand Monkeys, writing agency

If you want to improve any aspect of marketing you need to understand how consumers think.

Phil Graves, psychology and behaviour expert

A brand is a promise of a certain kind of consistency and continuity over time

Virginia Postrel, news columnist

Beware the curse of B2B marketing

In a few minutes I’ll share a nasty little curse that can harm us B2B marketers if we’re not careful. I’ll show you some of the tell-tale signs that you’ve been afflicted by it, offer some ideas on how you can rid yourself of it and provide a suggestion of where I think the curse may come from. Warning: it might be YOUR fault! 😉

I’ll get to all of that in a moment, but first, Tom Cruise… Beware the curse of B2B marketing

We have a choice as communicators. We can be clear or we can bullshit.

George Tannenbaum, Creative Director