I really admire this company’s branding…

It’s both common-sense and well-grounded in behavioural science that familiar brands stand a better chance of becoming trusted and considered than unfamiliar brands. Familiarity requires that a brand be both noticed and consistent, which in turn requires that the brand stand out from the crowd and not change message or direction every five minutes.

Looking at it from afar (i.e. I’m based in the UK), here’ a brand that I think gets that right… US-based general retail store Target.

The branding created by designer Allan Peters – and no doubt many others – features products available in store in a beautiful, different and unmissable way. Just as importantly, it’s seemingly used with absolute consistency without ever getting boring. In my humble opinion, it’s a masterclass in the visual aspects of branding.

Below I share just a few of the myriad wonderful branding assets they’ve created – plus a link to a fascinating speech by Allan Peters. Enjoy…


Allan Peters’ other work here > 

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