B2B marketing – the movie – part 5: The Life of B2Brian

In this latest instalment of a blog post series that likens topical B2B marketing issues to classic movies (see previous takes on Bridget Jones and The Matrix, for example), I explore the phenomena known as ‘shiny new toy syndrome’. Below I share some perspectives on marketing’s fascination with the latest new thing, but first – and with tongue planted firmly in cheek – I bring you The Life of B2Brian…
B2B marketing – the movie – part 5: The Life of B2Brian

Belief isn’t enough. For people to take action they have to care.

Dan & Chip Heath, authors of best-selling book ‘Made to Stick’

Brand is another word for reputation or image. And you don’t get a reputation just by claiming something.

Dave Trott, advertising legend

Classic campaign

I read about this classic ad campaign, by urban streetwear brand Airwalk, in Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Tipping Point’. These ads were instrumental in helping Airwalk to achieve Classic campaign