Your marketing sucks – a B2B poem

In this post (originally published on B2B Marketing Magazine), I dedicate a poem to my fellow B2B marketers. It’s a poem about avoiding publishing marketing content that totally sucks. I’ll get to it in about three minutes, but first I thought I’d share with you the disappointing B2B marketing circumstances that inspired me to write it. I have a sneaking suspicion the scenario will be all too familiar to you… Your marketing sucks – a B2B poem

Three basic questions to kick-start the marketing briefing process

“To deliver marketing activity that stacks the odds in your favour of delivering growth, the first step is a great brief. You must challenge and work with the business to understand:

1) where your best sources of growth lie;

2) what is stopping the business from unlocking those opportunities; and

3) how will we know if we’re on the right track?”

courtesy of Stack for Business

Blaze your own trail

There’s a lesson in here for all marketing communicators… Bill Bernbach’s letter to the owners of Grey Advertising on Fifth Avenue where he was Creative Director. (Via ‘Letters of Note’ and @VikkiRossWrites).


5 helpful tips to prove the value of your B2B content marketing

Following my team winning the Content Marketing Campaign of the Year award at last year’s B2B Marketing Awards (#ShamelessHumblebrag ;-), I was delighted to be interviewed by B2B Marketing Magazine earlier this year for one of their print editions. The topic of conversation was how to prove the value of content marketing. Here are the questions and I was asked, and a quick summary of the opinions I offered…  5 helpful tips to prove the value of your B2B content marketing

Trolls, tribes and a B2B trap to avoid

This article was originally published by B2B Marketing Magazine in the build-up to B2B Ignite 2018 – the world’s biggest B2B growth marketing event and recommended by as one of the top 10 conferences to attend… 

There’s a nasty little trap that us B2B marketers can fall into if we’re not careful. A potentially perilous pitfall that can stop us from achieving what our companies pay us to achieve. Worse still, you Trolls, tribes and a B2B trap to avoid

How customers perceive you is dependent upon how they perceive your rivals

“My total impression of any brand is made up of my experience of using it and whatever I have received, digested and accepted from the communications about it. Perhaps most important, my view of a brand’s personality depends on my impression of its competitors. Everything is relative…

How much our brand will appeal to people will depend on its relationships with competitors. This means that advertising [or other marketing communication] objectives must always be set in terms of: the changes desired in our brand; and comparison with other brands.”

JWT Planning Guide