Trolls, tribes and a B2B trap to avoid

This article was originally published by B2B Marketing Magazine in the build-up to B2B Ignite 2018 – the world’s biggest B2B growth marketing event and recommended by as one of the top 10 conferences to attend… 

There’s a nasty little trap that us B2B marketers can fall into if we’re not careful. A potentially perilous pitfall that can stop us from achieving what our companies pay us to achieve. Worse still, you Trolls, tribes and a B2B trap to avoid

How customers perceive you is dependent upon how they perceive your rivals

“My total impression of any brand is made up of my experience of using it and whatever I have received, digested and accepted from the communications about it. Perhaps most important, my view of a brand’s personality depends on my impression of its competitors. Everything is relative…

How much our brand will appeal to people will depend on its relationships with competitors. This means that advertising [or other marketing communication] objectives must always be set in terms of: the changes desired in our brand; and comparison with other brands.”

JWT Planning Guide

A blistering perspective on agile marketing

“Brands need discipline. They need strategy. They need focus. They need to deliver. What they don’t need is a bunch of mercurial horseshit about being agile, which – let’s be honest – essentially means they bin the strategy and head in whatever direction the wind happens to be blowing at that moment. Most marketers need less agility, not more. They need to stick to the fucking plan. Or, in most cases, actually spend time building a plan to stick to.”

Professor Mark Ritson, via Marketing Week

Murder, mystery and comparison – helping B2B customers to pick you

There are many factors at play when a customer picks a B2B product or service. Here (in an article that was originally published in B2B marketing magazine), I explore one of the key ones, presenting the important consequences for B2B marketers. I share some lessons that I believe are both timeless and will help us become more effective marketing communicators. But before I get to that, I thought it might be useful to start with a little bit of Hollywood… Murder, mystery and comparison – helping B2B customers to pick you