I love this COVID-19 lockdown ad campaign by a cold & flu brand

I also share a particular interest in it given I had the good fortune to work with the illustrator – a really lovely chap called Noma Bar – for a year on a branding project, about ten years ago. Here’s more of the recent campaign, plus some of his other beautiful and very distinctive work for a host of different brands…

Mucinex advert 1 Noma Bar

Mucinex advert 3 Noma Bar

IBM advert 2 Noma Bar

Der Spiegal Noma Bar ad 3

Home for Britain advertNoma Bar ITV ad

Plus some of the branding work I did with Noma, for an international law firm…

Noma for BLP 1Noma Bar for BLP 4Noma Bar for BLP 3

Noma Bar for BLP 2Noma Bar for BLP 5

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