Check out the marmarati – activating your super-fans

I advocate Professor Byron Sharp’s view that it is incumbent on marketers to target all potential buyers of a product or service in order to stimulate growth, and that sole focus on your regular purchasers is a mistake. But – as long as marketers don’t forget that – thanking loyal clients for their custom must be one of our priorities as marketers. That’s particularly true in B2B marketing, but here’s a B2C example that I’m rather fond of… Check out the marmarati – activating your super-fans

This branding is gorgeous

For the uninitiated, (the brand isn’t that old yet), Spectacles is Snapchat’s new range of video glasses. I’m not a Snapchat user, but I can see these glasses being a real winner. Anyway, I just wanted to say how gorgeous I think their photography is. Check it out This branding is gorgeous