Paying homage to the Chips – 11 brilliantly creative adverts

The Chip Shop Awards – probably the world’s most raw celebration of pure advertising creativity – are coming up soon. (You can read why they’re called the Chip Shop Awards here). I’m proud to have won a few commendations in the past few years, but I’ve not (yet) picked up a coveted ‘chip’. I’ll keep trying, but in the meantime, here are just a few examples of the fun, provocative or inspirational ideas on show…

Great ad for natural constipation remedy ‘Senokot’ by creative team Jack Patarou and Kelly Bugg


Ad idea for lubricant ‘WD40’ by agency C21
Print ad idea for nappy-rash relief cream ‘Sudocrem’ by creatives Adam McGowan, Alan Houghton and Dave Mullen
Advertisement for opticians ‘Specsavers’ by creative team Sav Evangelou, Alex Rose and James Stedman
Hilarious advert for hot chili sauce ‘Hoy Fung’ by creative team Geoff Dodd, Rob Lewis and Tom Hargreaves
A fun piece of copywriting for online train ticket provider ‘trainline’
A provocative ad for charity ‘Women’s Support Project’ by creative team Adam Woolley, Alex Allston, Sarah Arthur and Matthew Lamb
A beautiful visual execution for Nike Golf by Ross Woods
A fun ad for bookstore ‘Waterstones’ by Jon Sharp
A great ad for toothpaste brand ‘Oral B’ by the awesome Paul Bond
A thought-provoking ad for ‘the Alzheimer’s Society’ by creative team Viv Griffiths, Ali Beesley, Vicky Kwan and Rich Kelly

That’s just a very small handful that caught my eye. There are literally hundreds more in the Chip Shop Awards archive. Enjoy >



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