Marketers should never lose touch with a customer’s reality

I’m a huge fan of Bob Hoffman – aka The Ad Contrarian. Here’s just one of the provocatively-put, but in my opinion helpful, reminders he has for us marketers. In this case, he reminds us marketers that we should never lose touch with what customers really think about the importance (or not) of our brands in their lives. (And while this quote is focused on consumers, I still think it’s relevant to my world of B2B marketing).

How marketers think: How can I engage consumers with my brand? How do I connect the personality of my brand with my target audience? How can I co-create with my target and develop a conversation?

How consumers think: Is there parking? Will this fucking thing work? How badly are they going to screw me on price? Will there be anyone there who knows what the fuck he’s talking about?

Consumers want clarity and simplicity. Marketers want to complicate the shit out of everything.


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