One of my favourite ever ad campaigns

I adore this long-term campaign from premium department store Harvey Nichols. I like how they’ve taken a completely different angle to all other retailers – highlighting the absolute carnage of their seasonal sales as a tactic to implicitly say ‘our products and deals are so good they’re worth fighting for‘. I like how that central idea has been brought to life in so many different ways – just some of which I’ve included below. And I like the fact that they’ve stuck with the same message for years. So many marketers make the mistake of changing things over and over again – which is not how you build a brand position in the minds of your customers. I love how Harvey Nichols had picked a message that works, and stuck with it. And I admire how beautifully refined their artwork is. I’m a huge fan of theirs.

Anyway, here’s a small selection of their brilliant ads… (some of which you’ll only enjoy the full impact of on a larger screen).

harvey-nichols-summer-sale-vultures-jacket-vulture-dress-vulture-shoes-print-231874-adeeveee0fdb6fbe26d0e11dfcd97d40ad7fb1b-240ae8e0c1a4e616b867b78c004de64f7Printharvey-nichols-wolves-design-231835-adeeveeharvey_nichols_pelicans_1C04740_05098Boxing1_905harvey_nichols_contain_your_excitement_1harvey-nichols-summer-sale-over-excitement-woman-2-1024-20871. (Page 5)08_04748_003_100x268_Karate_Cat_Fight_P1_hi_res08_04748_001_100x268_Samurai_Cat_Fight_P1_hi_res_1_womensweard98a4cd7c7bbb4694696ec91b2f3c75bc14797613728dcba8c301e8f4993b68349999_HN Sale Ad womenharvey50saleharvey-nichols-calendar-beansBMPD_03884_0050757Aharvey-nichols-toilet-paper-jigsaw-cat-beans-print-149447-adeeveefile

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