A BREXIT guerrilla marketing concept

For readers outside of the UK, this bus toured Great Britain during the 2016 Brexit referendum. The ‘leave the EU’ campaign cited that the (alleged) £350 million a week it costs Britain to contribute to the EU should be reinvested in the country’s National Health Service (NHS). The ‘Leave’ campaign won, and promptly distanced themselves from this proposal / promise, proving themselves to be the utter bulls*t merchants that many suspected all along.

Political backstory put aside, I thought it might have been a nice chance for this ‘jumbo pork sausages’ brand to partake in a bit of guerrilla marketing / news hijacking. Again, for readers outside of the UK, ‘porky pies’ is UK slang for lies.

Guerrilla ad concept for a jumbo sausages brand

Hope it makes you smile a little.

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