4 advertising concepts for ‘stockings’

I’d never done a fashion advert before, so when @OneMinuteBriefs hit us with a project to create an advertising concept for stockings, I thought I’d have a go. I found it a tricky brief though, particularly as a chap advertising to women. It hit me that the art was to strike the right balance between attitude, sexuality, empowerment, utility and the like – without resorting to cliché or cheese. I asked the women I work with for perspectives of the target market, each of whom had very differing views.

Anyway, these 4 ideas were what I came up with. I’d be interested in your thoughts…

advertising concept for stockings - a reaction from Santa

advertising concept for stockings - pretty everyone

advertising concept for stockings - own it

(ps images taken from Google. I will remove them if copyright owners request).



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