I was proud to contribute this charity ad idea…

City to Sea is a charity that is responding to plastic marine litter and the damage that it does to our environment. In 2016, the charity teamed up with @OneMinuteBriefs to raise awareness of the problems that plastic ear buds cause to the environment. Plastic ear buds are the number one cause of sewage-related plastic pollution in the UK and the charity’s simple goal was to promote use of bio-degradable, paper-stemmed buds instead of plastic-stemmed versions. The charity have had great success in convincing retailers to stop stocking the plastic versions and I hope that the @OneMinuteBriefs push helped with that. I was certainly very proud when my poster idea above (ear buds showing in a sardine tin) was one of the ones the charity tweeted as part of its awareness campaign on social media.

The @OneMinuteBriefs competition winner – by the creative genius and all-round nice-guy Rich Bayley – was a stunning piece of custom artwork. Love it:

Poster by Rich Bayley for a plastic pollution charity

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