I wrote a rap (well, kind of)

Here me out before you make fun of me. There’s a back-story.

The Autumn 2016, UK series of X-Factor featured a wannabe rapper named Honey-G. I like rap, but wasn’t a fan of Honey (check her out on YouTube to make your own mind up). Honey got fairly far into the competition (final 5 acts, if I recall). At first a popular novelty, the tide started to turn against her as the competition wore on and other better singers started getting voted off. Some serious artists gave her a hard time and the press started to pick on her privileged upbringing. With Christmas and the X-Factor finals just around the corner, it started to get a bit ugly for Honey. And that’s when @OneMinuteBriefs stepped in with a brief to do an advert for (or against) her.

Now, as I said above, I’m no fan of Honey-G, but what I really detest are trolls. I’m one of those hopeless romantics that always cheers for the underdog which, in this case, was Honey. So I thought I’d do an ad for Honey and against the dickheads that were hounding her. And it gave me a chance to try and write a rap (or at least a chunk of one). I love trying to find a new tone of voice. (I’ll keep trying, but it’s a start)…

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