6 advertising ideas for ‘surfing’

I took my kids on holiday to Cornwall recently and booked them into surf lessons. The little rogues convinced me to do it with them. In the cold Atlantic Ocean, in late October. I had tried it once before, when I was younger, in Australia, and was a complete no-hoper back then, so didn’t expect too much this time. Well stop the press, what a difference a brilliant teacher (and much mickey taking from two sons) makes. I got up about 10 times, and rode three waves all the way to the beach. OK, so I’m no Kelly Slater or Laird Hamilton,  and the waves wouldn’t have threatened many sea defences, but it was a start. I loved it. Enough, in fact, that I thought I’d try out some advertising concepts for ‘surfing’.

By the way, this artwork is rougher than a few of the waves I caught. I’m no more a designer than a big wave rider 😉

advertising concept for surfing - re-learn to stand

Surfing advertising idea for CornwallSurfing advertising concept - h2o yeahSurfing advertising idea - surfing is addictiveSurfing advertising idea about a story for the pubKitKat advertising idea for surfing

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