A brand without trust is just a product, and a product can be replaced

Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever

The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo.

Bob Iger, Chairman – Disney

There may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap?

Andrey Ivanov, Business Games podcast

Ritson on Brand Positioning

“There are only two brand goals: 1) do you know I exist? I want 100% of my target audience to know I exist; … and 2) what do I want to mean and stand for to those customers that know I exist?

What do you want your customer to think about when they think about your brand? I’ll give you three things. Pick three things. That’s your positioning.”

Professor Mark Ritson

Just because your competitor is doing it doesn’t mean it’s working for them

Tim Jensen, writer – Search Engine Journal

What strategy and innovation are really about

“A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve. It must deliver greater value to customers or create comparable value at a lower cost, or do both … delivering greater value allows a company to charge higher average unit prices.”

Michael E Porter, strategy visionary

Strategy is about barriers to entry

“In business, barriers to entry are required to generate superior returns … by definition, only sustainable barriers to entry can support sustainably outstanding performance … If we use the term strategic to describe an activity that is designed to enhance the long-term value of a business, then strategy is exclusively about establishing or reinforcing barriers to entry.”

Jonathan A. Knee, Bruce C. Greenwald, Ava Seave – The Curse of the Mogul

Mimicry comes at the cost of memorability.

Richard Shotton

Strategy is – what will make you unique

“Managers get into trouble when they attempt to compete head-on with other companies. No one wins that kind of struggle. Instead, managers need to develop a clear strategy around their company’s unique place in the market … Managers who think there is one best company and one best set of processes set themselves up for destructive competition. The worst error is to compete with your competition on the same things. That only leads to escalation, which leads to lower prices or higher costs unless the competitor is inept. Companies should strive to be unique. Managers should be asking, ‘How can you deliver a unique value to meet an important set of needs for an important set of customers?’ … Strategy has to do with what will make you unique.”

Michael Porter, strategy guru